Alex Vrbka

UAS Product Manager and Pilot

alex flying drone

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About Me

UAS Product Manager and Pilot

Dedicated and skilled UAS Product Manager with proven expertise in handling all phases of product life cycles. Experienced UAS pilot with hundreds of commercial and R&D hours as the pilot in command. Works effectively with customers, senior leaders, and vendors to coordinate efficient development phases, product releases, and technical training resources and programs.

500 +

flight hours as pilot in command

Work I Do

Product management specializing in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and automated technologies.

Custom UAS Solutions

Develop custom UAS solutions that allow an aircraft already in operation to operate outside of its normal flight envelope to deliver custom data quickly or create a new airframe to acquire data for niche purposes.

Product Management

Manage and lead multiple UAS products using an Agile/Scrum methodology. Own the product roadmap and strategy from inception to launch. Write high-level requirements for vendors. Provide insights to stakeholders on the product.

Machine Learning

Manage products that focus on artificial intelligence, machine learning, enhanced flight automation, and data collection. Field test and give direction to products. Collaborate with pilots and vendors.

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